Underfloor Heating

The modern and affordable way to heat your home.

Underfloor heating is surprisingly efficient. A heated tiled floor will provide consistent heat throughout the area. A typical bathroom will only consume 300w of electricity per hour which equates to approximately 25p per day. A kit costs typically around £160.

An intelligent, electronically programmable thermostat keeps the floor/room at the temperature you want, whenever you want it. These thermostats are very intuitive and easy to use but also offer a multitude of advanced features.

4iE Thermostat Tempo Thermostat

Smart Wi-Fi enabled thermostat

We offer the Warmup 4iE Smart Wi-Fi thermostat which allows you to control your heating from an app on your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world provided you have internet access. Turn on the heating on your way from work or whilst you're out shopping and you'll come back to a cosy and warm home.

These kits are supplied as mats not rolls of cable. The mats are much easier to lay with wire pre=spaced and self-adhesive backing tape. Rolls of cable are however cheaper. Both kits are come with excellent heavy duty shielded cable and a fully programmable digital controller. Please be aware that we recommend these kits be fitted professionally and checked by a qualified electrician in order to validate the warranty. All Warmup kits have a minimum of a 10 year warranty. All kits are tested for earth leakage prior to despatch. Make sure your unit is wired correctly as probes can be damaged if wired to the controllers power outlet by mistake.

Underfloor mat Mat layout

Thermal insulation board can be used to reduce the cost of running your heated floor as it helps keep the heat in and prevent it from sinking into the floor - heating up the room instead. These boards also provide the benefit of a decreased time for the floor to warm up. Insulation boards can be supplied in thicknesses from 6-60mm.

Thermal backer board