Pricing/Quoting for a Period Floor

Unfortunately it is not as easy as quoting a price per square metre for these floors. These floors are made up of three parts - the pattern, the border and the outer plain tiles that are cut to the skirting called the fill. The cost of pattern per is different from border and the plain fill is of course usually the cheapest and it is not the area that determines what is required and the price but the rooms shape and dimensions combined. For example a long thin room will have a lot more border than a square room and a square room will have more pattern than a long thin room so you see two rooms can both be 6 sq.mtrs in area but a room 6m by 1m will give a different price to a room that is 3m x 2m, both will be 6 sq.mtrs in total area but different overall prices.

For a rough and quick price we have our quick quote facility on our Period Floors website where you can enter some room dimensions and choose from one of the popular pattern and border combinations, submit the form from our website and we will be able to quote you quite quickly.

For an accurate price or for designs not on our quick quote page of our website the best way to obtain a price from us is to email us a sketch of the area to be tiled as if looking down from above and include the measurements of all the lengths going around the area as shown below. Your sketch / drawing does not have to be to scale or very neat, we just need to understand the shape of the area to be tiled, the important thing is please try to measure accurately and don’t miss anything off. Don’t worry about doorways unless they are deeper than about 10cm, if they are very deep draw them on your sketch.

When pricing floors accurately we always try to allow for as many pre-made items as possible, an example is for patterns that are at 45 degrees we usually allow for the triangles around the edges of the pattern to be supplied by us as triangles, this looks much neater and is easier for the tiler than the tiler having to cut these diagonally from square tiles as he tiles. Our competitors may be cheaper than us when quoting you as they will not do this they will just supply the pattern per and let you worry about how it is finished next to the border. When we price a floor we will normally draw some or all of the floor to scale and in doing so we plan the best way to tile it to achieve the best symmetry we can and for the floor to look at its best within the space you have. In drawing it to scale we can then see what triangles the pattern will fall on around the edges and provide those with our quotes and in turn orders. Drawing and planning floors takes us many hours to do but we feel it is worth it and will achieve the best results, this time and experience is not free so our quotes will not necessarily be the cheapest but we believe we will be supplying the order in a way that will give you the best floor and also the tiler will know how to plan and set out the tiling and the cuts will be kept to the absolute minium as more of your order will be supplied ready made.