Frequently Asked Questions

How many tiles should I order?

We would normally recommend ordering between 5% and 10% extra, closer to 5% for smaller tiles and possibly at least 10% for very large tiles. This gives you extra in case there are any accidental breakages or if any tiles are cut wrong in the tiling process. It is also wise to keep a few spares anyway if any tiles get damaged in the future.

Why do tile prices vary so much when I look around?

Prices vary hugely depending on what the tiles are made of, their quality, how they are made and where they are from. The better factories have their own laboratories to test and create special effects or glazes. They tend to invest heavily in new machinery to produce these which is of course reflected in the price. Tiles can also be hand made or hade painted and the transportation of tiles from the factory to the retailer is a factor.

Do I buy the adhesive and grout or let the tiler get it?

Your tiler can get the adhesive and grout for you, however we know what tiles you are having so we always have the right products in stock and take into account any particularly unique things about the tiles you have ordered. We also often offer discounts based on the quantity and/or type of tiles ordered.

How do I know how many tiles I need?

Don't worry, bring in your measurements in either centimetres/metres or inches/feet and we will work out exactly how many tiles you need. Most of the time, we just need te width by length for floors and the height for walls too.

What happens if I have any tiles left over?

Special order tiles cannot be returned. Stock tiles can be returned with the receipt within 14 days of purchase. It's always a good idea to keep a few spares should you need to make any alterations in the future (such as new plug socket, different shower etc) or if the tiles get damaged.

Can you arrange a tiler to fit my tiles?

Yes, we have several experienced tiles whom we can arrange to tile for you. They do not work for us but come highly recommended. They know our materials and produts so there is less risk of any issues.

What about shade variation?

Most tiles do vary in shade and in size in some cases. The processes used to make tiles use large amounts of heat and pressure, which causes variations, although these will never be major.

What kind of adhesive and grout do I need?

We can advise on this when you come to see us. We keep a wide variety of stock depending on what type of tiles you order and what the substrate is. We can of course only supply the correct materials based on the information you give to us. All adhesives, grouts, primers, trims and chemicals are in stock at all times.

What about if I can't find the tiles I am looking for?

Feel free to ask. We can source most designs, patterns or styles given a little time.

How long does it take after order my tiles before I can collect them?

Usually no more than a week unless your tiles are specially made or painted. Period floor tiles can be several weeks, please contact us for more information.

Do you check the tiles before I receive them?

We always check tiles before they are collected or delivered, however please check them yourself to ensure they are exactly what you wanted and to avoid any issues when they are about to be fitted. We can always sort out any problems before they are laid but afterwards it is extremely dificult.

Can you provide tools?

We have a number of Ishii Japanese Tile Cutters in stock to hire, you can learn more on our tile cutter hire page. As for other tools, we have a variety of stock available in store to complete almost any job, including restoration, tiling, bathroom and kitchen installation and plumbing.

Will you deliver to me this far away?

We offer worldwide delivery subject to payment. We have delivered tiles all around the UK and the US before.

Do you have any testimonials?

We are very proud of our customer service. You can view our testimonials on our testimonials page or view reviews on Google.