Natural stone, Slate and Marble

Up until quite recently the only way to get a true natural look was to buy natural products, we can supply them but we find now that technology has improved to the point that our man made porcelain alternatives are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing without the need to seal and maintain them like you would with a natural  floor. We stock an extensive range of top quality hard wearing porcelain copies which require none of the maintenance associated with the natural products. You really would be hard pushed to tell the difference.


Travertine is a light coloured limestone deposited around limy springs or streams.  It is characterised by imbedded fossilised leaves, twigs, small plants, and air pockets which make holes in it's body. It tends to come in two forms; filled where the holes are filled with resin or natural with holesclearly to see in it. We do not recommend it for floors at all as it is inherrently soft and full of holes and prone to breaking, getting dirty easily and staining. There are few places we are happy to recommend it in fact as it is so easy to get it dirty and stained compared to the porcelain or ceramic alternative. 


Slate is sedimentary rock made up of layers. Slate results when pressure created chiefly by mountain-forming movements in the earth's crust squeezes silt, mica and other minerals into parallel layers. As it is in layers it can be split into sheets that can be cut to make tiles. It requires sealing and maintenance to keep it looking at it's best. This involves one coat of sealer prior to grouting and one coat afterwards, it can delaminate and does mark however. Again we have many ultra realistic hard wearing porcelain copies that will be cheaper to fit and require virtually no maintenance.